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A Celebration of Masi High’s Transformation

Just like the metamorphosis that occurs from a cocoon to a butterfly, the transformation of a set of academic buildings into the Masi High holistic academic institution with classes, fields, courts, and cultural activities was celebrated on March 1 this year

Masi High was abuzz with excitement on the day of the launch of the Masi High Sports Complex and the Judith Neilson Field. The astro field showed off the talents of the under-14 girls’ soccer teams, and the Atlas Foundation high school rugby teams. Many American visitors from the cruise ship The World– and the rest of us – were astounded to see gender-mixed rugby played with spirit and intensity. Netball teams, the Ukhanyo Primary cadet squad and outdoor chess were alsoon show. Visitors were escorted around the school by high school learners who explained all aspects of the school and the township community.

Our patron Judith Neilson’s generosity enabled this. Judith also supports the Cape Town Opera and the visitors, staff and learners were treated to a breathtaking rendering of the famous aria, Nessun Dorma, and an aria from Verdi’s La Traviata. The latter was particularly moving as husband and wife duo Lukhanyo and Sipha Moyake sang it. It was an unexpected highlight and it was agreed that MasiSports with Masi High would start a music programme. Judith had shipped across 1500 recorders, which would be the launchpad for this initiative.

It was a gathering of all the NPOs, organisations and individual collaborative partners who work tirelessly to uplift the children of Masiphumelele. The opening was child/teenager focused as they showed off their talent and enthusiasm. The school sparkled. The Head, Skahle Nhlabathi, gave a rousing address and naturally Judith received much-deserved accolades from everyone.

“The development of a sports ethos in the High School has just begun,” said Vince van der Bijl. “After-school sport and cultural activities have the full backing of the educators, who are getting involved. That is a key to the school’s success and brand.”