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A Glorious Day of Cultural Diversity

Masi at SAJM

Sixty learners, six coaches and teachers and the principal, Michael Tyhali, from Ukhanyo Primary School visited the SA Jewish Museum (SAJM) this weekend. It was a glorious day of learning, adventure and cultural diversity.

This was a new, unexpected experience as the learners workshopped Judaism and were explained the beliefs, the history and the experiences of the Jewish people over the ages. The comparative religious aspects were shared and discussed under the guidance of Belinda.

Belinda Selikowitz, the Education Coordinator at the museum, wrote the following after the visit: “Thank you for bringing such a wonderful group of students and teachers from Ukhanyo Primary to the SAJM yesterday. I thoroughly enjoyed meeting and interacting with each of the Ukhanyo students and teachers. The students were engaged, responsive and asked highly intelligent questions. Their behaviour in the museum was faultless even though they were excited to be there. I would welcome Ukhanyo Primary back any time!”

MasiSports founder Vince van der Bijl took the children through the excellent exhibition of cricketer and cricket administrator Ali Bacher. Ali’s life traversed the periods of apartheid, isolation and then transformation and unity with the involvement of our first president, Nelson Mandela. It was, in itself, a history lesson given by Vince, an ex-history teacher!

That visit is the start of an exciting, important relationship. Thank you the SAJM.

Ukhanyo Primary School visited the SA Jewish Museum (SAJM)

Ukhanyo Primary School visited the SA Jewish Museum (SAJM)