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Coach workshop shared vision, new developments

Cassandra Carels facilitated the MasiSports coach workshop

MasiSports hosted its second workshop for 2022, ensuring that all coaches are up to speed with the developments in the organisation. This was a shortened version of the workshop held in January this year.

The vision of MasiSports and the role of the Board Members and Executive Members was covered. The MasiSports Chairperson, Alex Hetherington, presented the developments of the organisation over the previous six months and the action plans for the rest of 2022. Cassandra Carels, MasiSports’ Development Manager, covered the policies and the monitoring and evaluation process of the organisation.

Nceba Jonas, Teddy Nyali and Fez Payi workshopped the life skills sessions, key to the holistic education of the children. Head coach Nceba gave an overview of the achievements of Ukhanyo Primary. While the sports programme at Masi High is a work in progress, their netball and soccer teams are playing in the inter-schools league and performing well. The other sports currently use the Ukhanyo facilities. By June 2023, facilities will be in place at the high school so all sporing codes can be played on their campus.

“The workshop was an all-inclusive affair lead by Cass, Fez, Nceba and me, with all the coaches fully involved in the sessions throughout,” said sports-coordinator, Teddy Nyali.

MasiSports’ communication team, Bridget Pringle and Amy MacIver from Brooke Buckland, shared the social media, blogs and newsletters strategy.

“Our coaches workshop was fun and productive,” said coach Nolan Koopman. “It was good to have Alex joining us to give us insight as to what’s been happening behind the scenes and in the next few months. The coaches so enjoyed the activities. The focus on the life skills sessions was excellent and gave us new perspective, to improve our desired holistic education process. Well done team.”

“The way MasiSports engages with us teacher coaches really makes us feel a part of the organisation,” adds Nonzolo Mjanyelwa (Beauty). “I never knew how to design the session plan, but now I’m always prepared.”

It was a very successful workshop. The coaches are raring to go and the workshop was a superb day to engender a fully inclusive and exciting MasiSports programme.