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Exams and sport are essential partners

Cape Town Cycle tour 2023

During the stress of writing examinations, sport plays a crucial role in releasing that pent-up tension, building confidence and giving the children a sense of freedom—sports assists in producing essential balance to ensure the right focus during this time.

We have five cricket teams playing matches weekly, chess and art tuition, soccer and seven-a-side rugby. Ukhanyo is abuzz with after-school activities.

Our cyclists from primary and high school are out on the road at the weekends and on the weekdays. One look at those excited faces is enough to know how energised and healthy they are.

MasiSports coach Sidney Begala took 12 cyclists to race in the 40km PPA One Tonner event. Eight boys and four girls complete the distance in excellent time, five of them racing for the first time. This is the first race in preparation for the Cape Town Cycle tour 2023. They are now starting to mentally and physically get into shape for the Big One!

Songezo Jim’s Academy lent the girls very good bikes to give them an easier ride – thanks Songezo. Kwanele Lunga, an Ukhanyo educator, was there to support and manage the kids. She is with the children of each race – her enthusiasm knows no bounds.

Sport drives better academics too!

Cape Town Cycle tour