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Frank Jackson Trust’s feeding scheme donation

Frank Jackson Trust’s feeding scheme donation

The MCC Masi Sports Project has received R208 000 funding for the feeding schemes in Masiphumelele. This is such a windfall that has come at a time when day by day fundraising after many months is not getting easier. It is a wonderful gift for the community. Thank you!

It will boost the current and new initiatives. Yandiswa Mazwana of the Masiphumelele Creative Hub, Masicorp, Living Hope and so many restaurants, trusts, companies and individuals are dedicated to providing food security to those who are marginalised. It is a mammoth and uplifting wider community effort in these impossibly threatening times.

The street committees, schools and churches are playing key roles to ensure that the scheme is reaching those in severe difficulties.

The Frank Jackson Foundation funds are being channelled to the following feeding schemes:

  1. Ukhanyo Primary School and Masiphumelele High School – over 2000 learners fed Monday to friday
  2. A new initiative to feed 100 identified children who are fed during the week at their schools and need to be supported over the weekends
  3. Another new initiative to support 20 families with severe physical disabilities who have no income or ways of supporting themselves.

The funds will, therefore, reach deep into the community.

We all wish to thank the Frank Jackson Foundation for the generous funding during this COVID time. It is a timely and wonderful gift.

The Foundation is an old friend of Masiphumelele as they have funded educational initiatives through Masicorp over the years to support setting up the education hubs in Ukhanyo and more recently the ICDL computer lab in Chasmay Campus. They are Wonderful benefactors to the community of Masiphumelele.