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MasiSports patron gives support to storm-hit Masi

Masiphumelele floods

The news of the impact of the Masiphumelele floods last week reached the attention of our patron, Judith Neilson, in Australia. Judith immediately phoned Vince van der Bijl and offered support.

Vince went into the wetland area of Masi the next day and was devastated to see the impact of the heavy rains and horrible conditions in which people lived. Vince was astonished at the residents’ resilience as they got on with their daily routines and the way they helped each other.

Judith was so moved by the photos of the area that she said that she would donate AUS$ 25000 (R311 000). Such a caring and instant reaction.

Living Hope has an effective and longstanding disaster management programme and is in constant contact with the street committees. They supply blankets, hot food and ‘tar grit’, the latter to make the pathways manageable. Vince and Judith agreed that Living Hope was the best organisation to ensure the right people in the wetlands receive what they needed most.

NPOs working together in partnership is always the most effective way.

Thank you, Judith! An amazing, immediate response to people in need. Masiphumelele residents are so, so grateful. What an example you set.