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PT classes a vital physical release

The Covid virus has disrupted the usual levels of enthusiasm and energy among the children at the primary schools in the South Peninsula. Without the physical and emotional release of sport and other after schools’ activities, the primary children have battled to stay positive, disciplined and energetic at school.

The restarting of active PT classes at Ukhanyo Primary illustrates so clearly the enjoyment and fun that children get from these activities. They glow. To have the teachers involved is equally important as they celebrate competition and a liveliness that is almost impossible to achieve in a classroom. Sport plays an amazing role in a child’s development.

The importance of sport and life skills has never been so demonstrated with the incidents of depression and undisciplined behaviour. Academics are crucial for a child’s future, yet education alone is not enough. That is clear.

That has been the premise of MasiSports since its inception. The proof now is apparent.

MasiSports is committed to ensuring a holistic education in Masiphumelele to allow the children to discover their strengths and live a life to the full.

Help us help the schools develop positive South African generations after generations.