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Another great day at Ukhanyo and Masi High

The Judith Neilson field is now in use! The High School rugby players under the coaching of our partners in rugby Atlas Foundation (we coach the Primary School while Atlas coaches at Masi High School and Ocean View) were in full swing, with three separate groups being put through their paces. It was wonderful to see girls in the mix, tackling hard and playing with zest and skill.

The field is a 60 x 30 practice field for soccer and rugby – suitable for seven-a-side matches in both sporting codes. The new “soon to be completed” classrooms and available space meant that the size was limited. It is so great to see the teenagers in full flow, disciplined and focused. Sport and exams do go together – learners need the release of sport to clear their heads for more study. Sue Anderson and Frank Charlie lead the Atlas Foundation team and have added so much to the High School.

The ‘Rest of the world’ over-60s cricket team, from the UK, NZ and the USA, have just completed a tournament at the Wanderers against SA and Zimbabwe. They came to Ukhanyo to experience a township school and to be taken through Masiphumelele. Captain Colin Walters said: “This primary school is better than many in the UK! The facilities were amazing. We loved coaching the kids in the nets, and so enjoyed seeing the eager, disciplined and talented kids. The teachers and coaches were excellent. Thank you Ukhanyo – a really heartfelt and meaningful experience.”

The team enjoyed seeing the school and the English and Maths Hubs run by Masicorp. They were also so thrilled to see so many girls playing soccer, cricket and rugby at Ukhanyo. They left us cricket kit, shirts, books and other essentials. The learners loved their visit and their energy.

MasiSports and the Atlas Foundation work easily together as we have the same values for generational change – gender equality, social cohesion, disciplined learners, a holistic education working with the schools and encouraging parents to be in that journey. It is not just about sport – we both help the learners forge a positive future.

We look forward to 2024 when the facilities will be in full swing.