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Mthunzi Njini, a Masi High School learner, expressed it best when he said, “Sport teaches me that I can achieve great things in life. It gives me confidence, health, fitness, and skills as well as friendship. I love it.”

In early 2017, Ukhanyo Primary School had one netball court, one short sprint track, one coach. By 2021, MasiSports had done the following at Ukhanyo:

  • Built two 40 x 20m multi-sports fields by MasiSports following the three nets put up by Masicorp. A further 60 x 30 astro-turf multi-sport field home matches in soccer, cricket and rugby is under construction.
  • All 18 Ukhanyo teams have school-branded kit, top equipment, their own coach.
  • Girls are involved in athletics, netball, cricket, soccer, cycling, basketball and chess.
  • Each practice starts with a 20-minute life-skills session.
  • Twelve educators have volunteered to coach sport after school.
  • In 2019 Masiphumelele High school had no usable sports facility and netball and rugby was played infrequently. By 2021:
  • MasiSports constructed two netball courts and delivered soccer, cycling and netball school-branded kit. Chess has been introduced.
  • MasiSports Coaches are with enthusiastic staff members supporting each sport.
  • Atlas Foundation provides the school with rugby coaches, has levelled the field, and erected two rugby posts.

Sport is a great teacher of skills for life in an adventurous, fun environment. The life skills of teamwork, discipline, a high work ethic and good communication combined with sports skills is the real power of sport.

What we do at MasiSports is to create the environment that allows youngsters to soar.


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