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Our Journey

About MasiSports

June 2016

Vince van der Bijl, Masicorp, Ukhanyo Primary Headmaster Michael Tyhali and Head Coach Nceba Jonas have a meeting of minds. The idea of a sports programme to embolden children is born.

MARCH 2017

The Marylebone Cricket Club (MCC) agrees to fund the Ukhanyo sports project with a grant of 50 000 pounds over a period of three years.

JUNE 2017

Ukhanyo has only one netball court, a short sprint track and one sports coach, Nceba Jonas. Only netball teams play other schools.


MCC CEO Derek Brewer and Michael Tyhali officially launch the MCC Masi 750 Sports Club project. Three astroturf cricket nets are built by Masicorp with MCC support. Ukhanyo netball, cricket, athletic and rugby teams play in school-branded kit with proper


22 bikes are donated to the school by the amazing NGO cycling four: CTCT, BenBikes, PedalPower and Quebeka.

APRIL 2018

Seven teachers volunteer to coach sport. Ten coaches receive KFC mini-cricket coaching certificates and five become official Cool Play life- skills trained coaches

MAY 2018

Soccer becomes an official school sport. All 17 sports teams play in the official schools leagues.


60 learners and 14 educators from Nkondo Primary School in the Eastern Cape visit Ukhanyo to absorb the lessons of Ukhanyo’s sport programme, chess club, life-skills lessons, the library and the English and Maths labs.


25 soccer coaches from throughout the district receive level-one coaching certificates after a two- day course run by the English Soccer Premier League.


Much excitement as Let’s Play, Hitachi and Builders donate and officially hand over a 40 x 20 multi-sport astroturf playing field to Ukhanyo Primary School.


A second 40 x 20 multisport hardcourt constructed with the support of the Rolf Nussbaum Foundation.

APRIL 2019

Chess introduced by Masicorp at Ukhanyo and by MasiSports at Masi High School.

JULY 2019

The 1974 British Lions team visit Ukhanyo Primary.


First netball court built at Masi High. Soccer, chess, cycling and netball reintroduced and school-branded kit, posts and equipment presented to Masi High.


A second netball court built at Masi High. Cycling becomes an official school sport. Ten cyclists (five boys and five girls) compete in the Cape Town Cycle Tour.

APRIL 2020

MasiSports raised R250 000 to support the feeding schemes in Masi during the Covid-19 crisis.


MasiSports has 23 coaches, 12 of whom are volunteer teachers, and girls are able to participate in seven sports at Ukhanyo.


Fred Elgar, an American living in Cape Town, donates R3.5-million to build our final 60m x 30m multi-sports astroturf field in honour of his late partner, Ingrid Wheeler.

APRIL 2021

Construction on the new 60x30m astroturf multi-sports field begins.

MAY 2021

The 1000 x R1000 PLUS donation campaign is launched to ensure that the project’s R1.4-million per year operating cost is sustainable.