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Life Skills

Life Skills

Children learn life skills from their parents as well as the staff and coaches. The responsibility of leading by example is the most important lesson of all.

Sport together with life-skills education is transformative. Our life-skills partner, Cool Play, trains our coaches and conducts ongoing workshops to assist us in the art of life-skills education. At the start of every sports practice, the sports kids receive 20 minutes of life-skills training.

The messages during the life skills training include respect, dream your future and plan, gender equality and open communication and many other lessons.

Girls participating in seven sports is a key factor in our drive to encourage and ensure gender equity. We strive to produce an environment where girls and boys are treated equally. Conversations addressing these are as uncomfortable as they are essential.

Social cohesion is essential to break down barriers between unequal residential neighbourhoods. Sport is a natural joyful way leading in time to racial equity.

Rian Perry of Community Cohesion with headmaster of Masi High, Nelson Mafrika’ agreed on a programme to provide psycho-social support, education, and training.

Group work, counselling and one-on-one life skills sessions facilitate this.

This is a wonderful supportive programme to assist teenagers navigate the hurdles of everyday township life like drugs, gangs, and sexual harassment. This project with the learners explores the tools to handle these challenges.

Life-skills and sport with education is the trilogy to a fulfilled life


Life Skills

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