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Educators sign up for chess course

Ukhanyo Chess Revival

Chess is strongly linked to academic performance. It improves memory and concentration, creativity, planning, and strategic thinking and also influences improved match results. It is another cog in the essential holistic education wheel.

There are five Masi High School educators who will participate in the level-one chess coaching course run by renowned coach Andrew Talmarkes. This is being held at the school on 22nd and 23rd September.

Quenton, our MasiSports Chess coach, and Zama, a Ukhanyo educator, have helped chess kids spread their wings in the last few months. On Fridays the children play in the chess club at Fish Hoek Library, they also play in the primary schools league and regularly play with adults, which sharpens their skills.

Up to 10 High School chess players come to Ukhanyo to play chess. After this course, they will play at Masi High School and the numbers will quadruple. This is an exciting development and we are delighted that the high school educators are keen and committed, including their head of sport, Sivu Mlandu.

Last week I was privileged to talk to the grade 10s and 11s at their Monday assembly to outline the role of MasiSports and after-school activities, once the fields and sports have been completed. There was a buzz of anticipation which augurs well for our drive to bed down a sport and life skills programme by the end of 2024.