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Judith Neilson Foundation CEO visits Masi

Judith Neilson Foundation CEO

Judith Neilson Foundation CEO Simon Freeman’s visit to MasiSports and the valley was a fact- and fun-filled two days.

Simon got to see every aspect of the South Peninsula and surrounds, including Ocean View, the valley’s sports clubs, Westlake Primary, both the Masi schools, as well as meeting the schools’ principals, coaches and kids. Ukhanyo shone on the day before the third term started. Cadets, the choir, an art exhibition, the Masicorp Maths hub, the amazing Click learning programme and obviously the sports and life-skills programme were on view.

Due to rain and late delivery of the Astro grass, the Masi High field is still a work in progress. Oh, let the sunshine in!  Once completed, the field, cricket nets, two netball courts – along with chess, cycling and art – will offer all learners the opportunity to develop their talents and fulfil their dreams. The High School principals want more teenagers playing  sport as they say it enhances discipline and hard work, and encourages better academic results and a sense of camaraderie and leadership in the school.

Simon’s visit led to collaborative discussions that helped crystalize our priorities in the next three years. The first six years of MasiSports has shown immense growth. The next eighteen months will introduce a full sporting ethos to Masi High. It is a time to re-strategise to ensure our sustainability and direction, and Simon has assisted us in doing just that along with Alex Hetherington, our Chairperson. The early implementation of new plans are already underway.

We so valued having face-to-face discussions with Simon about the Judith Neilson Foundation strategies across Australia and Africa, and being able to show us how its funding is being used in Masi schools. Thank you, Simon and Judith Neilson Foundation.