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MasiSports benefits from 2022 Medical 10

The medical profession in the Western Cape is so committed to good health and healing. Their Medical 10km fun run – which is completed in under 40 mins, with an age handicap – has been run since 1978. During Covid, a fun and serious paddling “run” from Fish Hoek to the Roman Rock lighthouse and back was introduced. This event shows both the dedication and fun side of our wonderful medical profession.

This year’s race was held on Sunday 27 November, starting at 6.30 am and by 8.30 am breakfast was served at WP Cricket Club and prizegiving had begun. What a fun day buzzing with excitement. MasiSports is privileged to be involved and to once again benefit from the funds raised. MasiSports believes that generational change in the underprivileged areas of South Africa needs to be driven by the three permanent institutions – hospitals, churches and schools. All three are permanent in each community and serve their residents day in and day out, building trust and – importantly – hope. They deserve every accolade.

Thank you to Dr Syd Cullis, all who helped and the runners and paddlers – the Medical 10 shows the camaraderie of the medical profession and their dedication to the people they serve.

The proceeds will be used to purchase an artificial full-length cricket pitch for Masi High School to use once the Astro multipurpose field has been laid next year. It’s such an important addition, allowing the cricketers to practice on a field, and not just in the nets.

PS: The Medical 10 has been operating since 1978! It began under the stewardship of Drs Hennie Muller, JP van Niekerk and Tim Noakes. For the last 16 years, Dr Syd Cullis and Mathilda Mallinson of Life Healthcare have administered the race. Their enthusiasm ensured that it was continued through Covid off-site! Thanks, Syd, Athol and all involved.