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Once-in-a-lifetime experience at Netball World Cup

Sixty netball players and coaches from Ukhanyo Primary and Masi High watched the opening ceremony of the Netball World Cup 2023 and then the fabulous Proteas beating Wales.

The atmosphere was electric, festive and filled with costumes, colour and music. How the children sang all evening. They loved every minute and every experience. It was such an adventure.

Being able to watch it live was owing to a very generous donation by our patron, Judith Neilson. Out of the blue, Judith sent funds through with a note to say, “Give the kids a night to remember!” It was a wonderful instinctive and caring gesture. Judith has seen the wetlands of Masiphumelele and wants the children to dream of a better future. What better way than to see teams from around the world in a sparkling arena, playing the sport they love.

Another 60 children were able to watch the second day. Coaches and educator coaches sat among them and discussed skills, speed and tactics.

A few quotes from thank you letters:

Ukhanyo educator/coach Lunga wrote: “Exposure to such events motivates us and makes us think bigger and aim higher.”

Masi High educator/coach Msolo wrote: “This was life changing. The kids were super excited and absorbed the play and chatted about the skills of the players all the way home.”

In a discussion after the event with under-13 Ukhanyo netball players, they said: “The skills were insane. The Jamaican team was spectacular. We cannot wait to practice their moves. We learnt so much.”

Judith, you have opened doors for all the 120 who can see the possibilities that lie ahead, with discipline, hard work and drive. They saw that the world has real opportunities for those who are able to embrace and hone their talents. That is the greatest gift you have given them.