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PT classes thriving at Ukhanyo

Grade 1 classes playing soccer matches on the Ingrid Wheeler Field as part of their PT lessons

Five years ago Ukhanyo had just one netball court on which standard Physical Training (PT) lessons were held by head coach Nceba Jonas. It was an important lesson, yet lacklustre due to limited equipment and little involvement with the educators. There was one coach with each class of 40-45 learners.

In 2022 PT classes are alive with educator participation, two or three coaches involved working with smaller groups of kids who receive individual attention in an atmosphere of fun, activity and sometimes competitive games. PT sessions are alive with learnings, self-awareness, fun and activities.

The educators say that the kids go back into the classroom happy and relaxed and so they work harder, have better discipline and stronger relationships built on the field of play.

The Ingrid Wheeler Field allows for two different 8-a-side soccer matches to be played, with two referees and one coach masterminding the event, as well as first-rate equipment and a world-class facility. The children recieve individual attention.

This is when the learners can express themselves, find their strengths and enjoy a competitive friendly environment. All 1910 learners at the school are given this opportunity of learning about their strengths.

Having proper facilities on site makes a world of difference. Normal PT classes are intertwined with different sports, getting the best of both worlds.