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Staff all on board for chess coaching

Chess coach Andrew Talmarkes putting the staff members through their paces

Masi Chess is in enthusiastic hands. In the first two days of the June/July holidays, six educators from Ukhanyo Primary and Masi High School were back at school for the Chess Level Two coaching course. This shows their dedication to the children, school and chess.

The course follows on from the Level One course and the “Chess Six” have requested follow-up sessions. We are so excited. The Chess Six will be able to handle the burgeoning numbers of learners who are playing the game. MasiSports is fortunate to have gained the services of respected Chess trainer, Andrew Talmarkes, for these courses. His dedication and engaging styles won the hearts of the participants.

The staff members’ sacrifice of spending their first two days of holiday at school shows the way they have embraced sport and after-school passionate pursuits.

The children of Masi are in good hands.