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Teacher’s letter gives thanks for life-skills programme

Every sports session starts with a life-skills discussion that covers topics such as confidence, leadership and resilience.

We are very proud of our partners, who are the key to our success. Along with founder partner MCC and NGO partner Masicorp, we also work very closely with CoolPlay, a Western Cape-based NPO that teaches life skills via rugby, soccer and netball.

A key part of the CoolPlay programme is training coaches to carry out the life-skills teaching, which promotes coach self-development, as well as that of the learners. Every coaching session at Ukhanyo Primary and Masi High begins with a life-skills session, and covers topics such as confidence, resilience and the ability to self-manage.

The wonderful role that this life-skills training plays was recently highlighted by Ukhanyo Primary School teacher and sports master Siya Mayiya, who wrote a letter to CoolPlay that highlights the positive impact CoolPlay has had for learners: “They are more well-disciplined. Their self-esteem has improved, especially the learners who struggled academically. They now work very well in group activities as the concept of team work has been instilled in them.”

Mayiya goes on to explain how CoolPlay’s method of using sport to illustrate concepts such as teamwork and responsibility has created value: “Sport also enhances the physical and mental health of learners and this has led to improved performance academically. The learners have also developed leadership skills. Learners are positive and optimistic about their future in sport and that also has positive outcomes in the community as most of these learners also take part in sport in the community. This also keeps them away from social ills like drug abuse and gangsterism.”

Mayiya’s heartfelt letter was picked up by the local press and we can see why – it’s such a feel-good story!