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The Kommetjie Primary winter sports festival – what a WOW

Ukhanyo Primary played its very first cricket match against Kommetjie Primary in 2017. That under-11 encounter was with both schools being represented by boys and girls. And so began a special relationship between the schools.

We were delighted to be invited to their Winter Sports Festival with Sun Valley, Kleinberg and Jupiter primary schools. We took five netball and soccer teams! The matches were played in good spirits, fine sportsmanship and were extremely competitive. Nceba Jonas said: ‘ The day was beautiful, the kids loved it, and it was so well organised – we must return the favour soon.’

That is now firmly in our plans.

Our teams played well and were successful. This sports festival also illustrated the ease of total social cohesion and gender equality. Teams came from the South Peninsula valley, Ocean View and Masiphumelele. That enhanced our dream of a South Peninsula rainbow nation.

Thank you Kommetjie Primary for this exciting opportunity and experience