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Warming the toes of SA’s future

Right now, 3 500 learners have a new pair of socks to wear to school; for some it is their first pair. Imagine that.

Dave Hutchison, an innovative social activist who founded the company Sexy Socks, is working towards giving out 25 000 pairs a month in time. Dave says, “Sexy Socks’ vision is to use business as a force for change. Our way of doing this is by donating a pair of school socks to a child in need for every pair of Sexy Socks sold. Our message to the school children who receive the socks is simple: pay it forward – every time you put on your socks, think about one thing you can do today that will make your community a better place. Each small step towards a better society takes us one step closer to the change that we all want to see in South Africa.”

MasiSports’ Vince Van Der Bijl adds, “Dave Hutchison and his team were young and vibrant with their souls dedicated to help those in need. Ukahnyo Primary and Masi High were overwhelmed. The timing was perfect as it was just prior to their exams, and they again felt that people in Cape Town care for their future. Thank you, Dave, such a very special gift.’

MasiSports is so fortunate to have partners who do not just bring gifts and/or visit, but bring hope, love and care. Underprivileged children cry out for hope, for basic needs, to be seen by others and to feel embraced. Sexy Socks and all our partners do that, and it reflects in the warmth of the children’s smiles. Each step helps them navigate their future feeling better about themselves and the possibilities of a good life.

MasiSports considers it a privilege to be involved.